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About Jennifer Kinnear

Jennifer Kinnear designs silver, gold and semi precious stone handmade fashion jewellery. She grew up making and collecting beautiful things and as a child she hoarded them away. She has always been creative and loves to travel, but only started making jewellery when she took a trip to Mexico in 2001, where she sourced the most amazing gems and stones.

After arriving back to Ireland in 2002, she then studied silver smithing in NCAD, while setting up her wholesale business and designing her first collections. Books and traveling to different locations around the world, have given her the freedom of expression and inspiration for her designs.

Jennifer prides herself on quality of craftsmanship and likes to specialize in combining silver and gold with semi precious and precious stones of unusual shapes, combinations and colour, to make timeless, contemporary and unique pieces which can be passed down from generation to generation. Jewels to be hoarded, treasured and loved by all who wear them.