COVID 19 and how its effecting me (and many others) in Spain on full lockdown

COVID 19 and how its effecting me (and many others) in Spain on full lockdown

So its a very scary time! I hope where ever you are you are taking COVID 19 seriously.

I'm at home here in Tarifa, old town, Southern Spain. That's my roof terrace above in the picture with Luca (my son) and Bohdi and Laura training. So since we´ve been confined to home, we've been trying to keep ourselves busy by doing exercise.

Yoga on Zoom (group video app) with my friend and yoga teacher Paulina and luckily I have Laura, a personal trainer ( here in my building. We've made an outside gym on the roof. So every morning we do yoga at 10am and at 12:30 we train, all via the zoom app.

Check out one of our work out videos below!!!

I'm also working away at home making jewellery, updating my website. Now its all about keeping the business I've been working at for the last 20 years going in this hard time.

Challenges I've had

The obvious ones are, how am I going to generate sales over the next month or so. When am I going to get paid from the shops that ordered at Showcase trade show in Ireland, all my money is tied up in stock ordered for the shops I've secured deals with, which are now closed and have not paid me yet. Oh dear! But not the end of the world, 'first world problems' isn't that what they say??!!

Personal challenges

I've had my low moments, like when my Mum left for Dublin two Friday's ago to be with my Dad. My little boy went to Daddy's 2 days ago, not sure when I will be able to see him again (although we video call everyday).

I've friends that are home alone and it's not easy for them. We've been doing lots of videos calls too!

It's day 16 lock down here and I've been self isolating since Thursday 12th March, so it's nearly 3 weeks for me.

What's your story? Let me know in the comments.

Things that have been helping me to stay positive and in good spirits

With exercise it's easier to stay positive. I'm training harder than ever, buy a kettle bell or weights on Amazon. They are still open for business. Although stocks are running short now. Kettle bell link

Keep alcohol to a minimum, as it makes you depressed and drink plenty of water. Ive had a couple of hangovers and its not good for the mental state the next day. So I'm trying to be good!!

Yoga with Paulina - - stretching is so important for your body and how you breath and center yourself. I'm feeling very calm and open afterwards. Ready to take on the day!

Video chats with friends (Loads) is a great app you can download for group video chats.

Cooking healthy meals - check out my Spanish recipe for a cold tomato soup, it's a bit like Gazpacho, but even tastier, called - Salmorejo

I hope this helps and that you can join in on the workout video!

Stay home. Stay positive. Do the workout! And most importantly, don't be too hard on yourself. If you have a cheat day, enjoy it! Sunday is my cheat day, I can do whatever I like, yesterday I watched sailing videos pretty much all day and had a few beers!!

Check out Maiden. An all girl crew sails around the world in the Whitbread round the world race 1989. Angie Farrell (the Irish one) used to race with us on my Dads 3/4 tonner back in the day, it was a pleasure to watch her in the documentry. Indulge in a little of what you love! It's the best thing for your soul.

Ok guys that's all from me.


PS: the post office is still open. Nudge nudge wink wink!!

PPS. Ive added a gift card option for you if you are unsure of what to choose for a loved one, birthdays are still on!!!