Grace O´Malley collection

This collection is inspired by Grace O´Malley, the great female clan leader of the  O´Malley family, whose territory stretched around Clew Bay in the West of Ireland. She was taught how to sail when she was 14 and never looked back. She has inspired me to make a collection of jewellery that tells her story. Read my blog to get more information about her, she was amazing and often sailed far and wide exploring and privateering around the coasts of Ireland, Spain and Portugal. She met Queen Elizabeth 1, (as she was one of the only clans left under Irish rule) and the Queen was fascinated by her; the legend goes they sat in front of the fire, speaking Latin and realized they had a lot in common with each other (both being female leaders) and the Queen gave Grace a pardon and let her go about her business.
Grace O´Malley collection


This is a collection inspired by the sea urchin. Various sizes of shells that have been cast in sterling silver, gold plated and 9ct carat gold. The details and textures are captured beautifully.

Some pieces come with stones set in them, others without, but all have a striking look when worn! Choose your favorite stone - clear crystal, blue topaz or ruby red. Check out the new spike earrings, inspired by the urchin´s spines.

I am proud to announce that this is the "Best product award winner 2018"!

Sea Urchin Collection Keyvisual - Jennifer Kinnear Jewellery - Jewellery inspired by the sea