I love to design custom made commission pieces from silver and gold for the client who likes to be involved in the design process and having an individual piece made. A personalised piece of jewellery made with your choice of stone that has been hand picked especially for you, really is something special to be treasured.

For centuries artisans have created one-off pieces of jewellery to mark special events in life, celebrate individuality and simply for the indulgent pleasure it brings. Commissioning me to make something especially for you, or someone you love, is part of that timeless tradition.

Whether you would like me to design a delicate, gold heirloom ring or a Wham! Baam! Here-I-Am riotously colourful necklace, I hope to make the experience both enjoyable and satisfying. Not only will you own a one-off piece to be hoarded, treasured and loved, but you will be involved in the entire creative process.

A successful commission requires the skills of someone who is not only talented and creative but who can also listen and understand what you want. With years of professional experience and attention to detail you can have confidence when you work with me.

If you already have an idea of what you would like then I can translate your ideas into jewellery. Or if you know you want something special, but are not sure what, then I can guide you through the myriad of possibilities and inspire you with design ideas from the elegant and refined to the quirky and exuberant. The result will be as individual as you are.

The first step in this process is to talk to me. Phone or email her with your questions and ideas.


When Mum offered to buy me 'something special' for my 40th birthday I knew that I wanted to ask Jennifer to make me a piece of jewellery. I wanted something personal that I would wear every day and keep forever, but what? This was a one-off chance to choose a design and it had to be right - I felt like I was choosing a tattoo!

I live near Tarifa in Spain and the annual migration of birds across the Straits' of Gibraltar to Africa takes place right over my house. One day I was photographing the birds and suddenly I knew what I wanted - a gold necklace with an eagle pendant. To me the eagle symbolizes freedom and movement, but it also connects me to my new Spanish home.

I gave Jennifer the photograph and she worked out how it could be translated into a necklace. It is a very luxurious feeling having something made for you and Jennifer involved me in the process from beginning. She emailed me the design sketches to make sure that I was happy with them and invited me to her studio to see her at work. I wear my necklace every day. It's perfect.