Compass Jewellery - The Trend That Never Gets Lost

Compass Jewellery - The Trend That Never Gets Lost

Trends are interesting things; they usually start on the street and work their way up. Stylish dressers mix things up. These people are usually very creative and turn things on their head in terms of fashion and compass jewellery is no different.

Compass Jewellery & The Pirate Queen

I started to see compasses everywhere especially in tattoos, all of a sudden its was cool to have the coordinates of where you are in the world tattooed on your arm. I was also hearing a lot about female pirates too. Then I heard about Granuaile - The Irish Pirate Queen and I read as much as I could about her, I was completely captivated by her story, her life was incredible. And what a better way to tell her story than through jewellery.

She´s what inspired me to do a compass, ship’s wheel and north star pendant.

Compass Jewellery inspired by Granuaile  - Grace O'Malley - Pirate Queen - Jennifer Kinnear 

Granuaile - The Pirate Queen

Granuaile also known as Grace O´Malley, sailed far and wide pirating and privateering, and I wanted to include a compass piece in the collection as she would have been navigating Irish waters and I´m sure would have used a compass to find out where she was headed.

Compass Jewellery Inspired by Granuaile

I wanted to include a ships wheel in the design and the north star too. The north star is the first star to come out at night and points north. Granuaile would have followed it on clear nights. I combined the three things and came up with this piece. Check out the compass jewellery design below.

Evolution of Design

Like most of my jewellery designs they start with an original sketch of the idea and notes on the design. From there the idea evolves until I arrive at a finished design, that, well, I'd wear myself!

Compass Jewellery Design Evolution - Compass Pendant from Jennifer Kinnear

Compass Theme Jewellery - Still On The Map

The trend is your friend and compass jewellery is still as trendy and popular as ever. I hope my Granuaile piece, which is already a top seller that you can buy here, will keep compass jewellery firmly on the map!

Other Irish jewellery designers fully on this trend are:

Chupi - with her 2019 collection featuring coordinate engraved solid gold necklaces

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Judith Ritchie - Designer and Owner of - A box for my treasure.

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There´s something for all budgets and styles once you know where to look! And all Irish made.